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INQ Designs provides affordable professional contracting services in the Toronto area.

Modern Home Interior

Here at INQ Designs we don’t sell dreams, we make them happen. After a decade of experience in custom carpentry,

we are happy to say that no dream is too big, and no space

is too small when it’s time to deliver world-class cabinets to

our clients.

For those looking to install cabinets on their own, whether 

an experienced professional or a “DIY-er” itching for 

a home makeover, we are more than happy to provide

Ready-To-Assemble cabinetry. 

Our skilled professionals provide access to premium cabinets and renovation materials without straining your budget. We offer a unique approach that combines high-quality and professional work, outstanding service, and affordability.


We're here to deliver the hassle-free experience you need.

To request a quote, please contact us.

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